Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Every year is expected to take the family on our annual vacation. I love everything about Christmas, because almost all of them. especially do not want Choosing a vacation spot.

You would think that would not happen, but it is. You see, I always wanted to go somewhere exotic and adventurous but my family just wanted to go to the most popular amusement parks. I can not make them understand Disney World is about the same year after year!

Therefore, argued back and forth until usually cave in. Of course I always have fun, no matter where we go, but I want to go where I wanted to go a little more often.

But let me tell you, one year I managed to convince them to try something a little more exotic: OK - far more exotic. It is very interesting and I would like to talk to you now, so you can go there myself someday.

I'm talking about the temple of Borobudur.

If you are from ancient temples and exotic ancient history, then this is the place for you! You may have never heard of it, and it's good because most people do not.

Kedu Plain, located in central Java. Java is a province of Indonesia, the people in Asia. In fact, almost anywhere you go in Asia would be wonderful, especially if you have never experienced before cultivation.

Basically, this place is the shrine of the eighth century ... A Buddhist temple to be exact (think big Buddha statue). All the temple itself was built in the form of a lotus flower, which is amazing. Not many temples like this from that time still exist today.

There are about a hundred large Buddha statues along the walls of the temple. A wall extends nearly 8,500 feet.

No exaggeration to say that I think this is one of the most amazing monuments in Asia. I do not think many people would say that! Even if you do not do yourself a favor and search the internet a bit for some pictures of this place. Is it interesting.

It is a holiday for adults and children. Your kids will remember this place as long as they live. In our world, reducing and Western civilization that become intertwined and dependent on Asia, it is important to explore the rich heritage Borobudur Temple is a good place to start. I suggest you start planning your trip soon.