Phuket - The Beautiful Island in Thailand

Phuket Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. The island is about the same size as Singapore and not just the largest island in Thailand, but also rich because of tourism. There are a number of wonderful attractions in Phuket for people of all ages. Island offers stunning bays, white sandy beaches, warm ocean and the bay. Phuket is famous for its friendly people, a variety of different accommodations from  hotels to small guesthouses, world class villas and of course do not forget the wonderful food.

The Beauty of Phuket

The island has much to offer for a wonderful holiday, whether you are traveling as a couple, alone or with a group of acquaintances. The island has beautiful beaches, endless shopping opportunities, delicious food, tropical climate, landscape, luxury spa, beauty and massage, as well as accommodation for all budgets. The most famous tourist area of ​​Patong Phuket. This area has a vibrant nightlife and shopping possibilities are endless. Many developed coastal city located on the west coast of Phuket. South of Patong is Kata Noi, Karon and Nai Harn.


Phuket has a number of accommodations for all guests. It ranges from hotels, villas, resorts 5. If you need to visit the island with his family, it is advisable to hire one of the many beautiful villas Phuket. Island has a number of different villas for rent, villas most of them overlooking the sea. Many villas in Phuket are located around the coast of Phuket. There are also plenty of hotels to suit your budget. To offer hotel rooms for the night. With the famous Thai hospitality, hotel rooms will be part of your holiday experience. From there, you begin to discover beautiful beaches, temples, nightlife and beautiful scenery.


If gourmet, then look no further. Food on the island of Phuket offers every intense flavor palette. If you need a French cuisine or traditional Thai food have for every camper here. The food on the island is available in a variety of categories. Prices, but does not explain how the food was delicious. Actually, the typical restaurants and food stalls serving food under price range better. Unless you crave outdoor kitchen, enjoy delicious local food and cheap.


Many local transportation on the island to choose from. They consist of an open ferry turned taxis, and buses. Although Phuket is a public network of bus service is limited to the coastal city of Phuket. There are two types of taxis on the island of Phuket: red and yellow metered taxis must be fitted style sedan officially official car and moonlight as a taxi. Similarly, the cheap option. Ferry services are also in abundance. The ferry is not only a fun way to spend, but also the best way to enjoy all the attractions that the island has to offer.

Phuket Island offers a refreshing holiday experience amidst the elegant natural scenery. Beach in Phuket and a good team, and when allied with a choice of accommodation, the island should be no doubt in your vacation schedule.