France Tour

When you visit France, you might want to make your schedule to coincide with the Cannes Film Festival, an event that does not really expect to see the movie at all. Only where you can side with the rich and famous celebrities around is an experience. Did both enjoy the famous French cafe aroma or relax and swim to shore, you can call it that day.

What if you go during the Tour de France of 3500 km cycling tour or event for Nice Carnival, where there is street theater, concert, parade has good food wine, and enjoy the whole area. Discounts are not completely happy During the gay pride parade in Paris, where more than half a million people are keen to come every year.

Or miss the end of the historic and festive France, Bastille Day, a similar event in the United States Independence Day, or the release of Beaujolais Nouveau, which is actually a party to wait, as of midnight on the third Thursday in November to honor the arrival of an attractive young grape in the Beaujolais region itself.

Warning interference with D-Day is one of the historical events of the French, who had to keep in mind when visiting the site of World War II in northern France is part of the fun. Finally, you want to celebrate New Year's Eve at the club in Paris or Midnight shiny wine! Is there a difference when the clock ticking Loire