Why One Should Visit the Exquisite Costa Rica Beaches

Millions of tourists flock to Costa Rica each year. Beaches in Cost Rica attract visitors from each and every part of the world. Costa Rica is situated the coastlines of the Caribbean and the Pacific. The spectacular beaches are considered as some of the best in world. There are numerous beaches in Costa Rica each one of which boasts its unique features that suit different kinds of vacationers.

The Playa Dominical is considered by surfers as among the best beaches in Costa Rica. It is situated around more than forty km from the Manuel Antonio Park. From here, one can view the great landscape of the Dominical. The landscape contains mangroves, marshes and plantations.

The Manuel Antonio beaches are famous for their horseshoe bays. The stunning views here comprise of exquisite waterfalls and breathtaking hilltops. In addition to the view, one can also indulge in several other activities like diving, snorkeling and surfing. There are other sports available for the adventurous ones.

The Playa Conchal one of those beaches that have very small crushed shells all over the coast which rustle beneath the feet of the visitors as they walk through the coast. Many tourists simply love the feeling of these shells tickling their feet. The beach also offers snorkeling, swimming and fishing.

The Playa Grande Guanacaste is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica which is often visited by tourists with a passion for natural beauty. Another name for this exquisite beach is Playa Grande. One of the distinct features of Playa Grande is that it is a nesting place of the Leatherback turtles. These turtles bury their eggs on the beach and roam the coast in plain sight of the visitors.

If you are seeking one of those beaches that are not crowded with tourists then you should visit the Playa Hermosa. Tourists from Europe and America come here to relax and get a handsome tan.

If you are one of those people who like a well developed beach then you should visit the Playa Tamarindo. It is an expensive laid back beach with luxury hotels and restaurants that serve local as well as international cuisines. One can also indulge in shopping or roam the clean beaches.

Tortuguero is a Costa Rica beach that is flanked by palm trees and canals. The canals are not safe since their current is unpredictable. However, the beauty of this site is uncontested.

A few tourists prefer comparatively under developed beaches like the Manzanillo beach. It is actually a tiny village that is frequented by surfers. One can also indulge in reading under the soothing shade of the almond trees, or simply the tranquil waters.