Your New Timeshare Can Turn Excitement Into a Nightmare

Unbelievable! You're going to own a new timeshare at their special low, low price [ask them "how they came up with YOUR timeshare sales price?"]

Maybe everybody gets the same price, I don't know, my guess is it's probably more like what happens in the car sales arena with buyer beware.

Obviously, they already KNOW that you own another timeshare, right? Yes, you put a check mark on the form when you signed in today. I'm guessing you have been assigned to a specialist who can "help you" cash out your "old" timeshare at a great price.

Probably, one of their cute, open shirt, hairy gurus just happened to walk buy, greeted you warmly, told you how he was leaving tomorrow on an exotic vacation for 2 weeks.

Next, He writes down a special price, for you only to see, because they are going to offer you more than you originally paid for your current timeshare.

All this is going on while your sales director continues to write notes on his own worksheet, explaining the details, while you listen and try to take it all in and work out the details in your own mind.

[sidebar]: Don't expect to get a copy of HIS worksheet!!

Write down the price, $15,100 for your new timeshare which is nothing short of awesome, you just got the tour. Already, you're salivating at the mouth over your coming vacations and fun trips now on your latest agenda.

Now, let's look at their offer to get you out of your "old" timeshare. Remember, you paid $10K for it 12 years ago and their offer is $11K and they'll take 1/2 immediately off the new timeshare price... $15,100 - 5,500 = $9,600 net before the 2nd part, $5,500 balance arrives in your mailbox.

Awesome! $9,600 minus the 2nd $5,500 = $4,100 net price for your brand new timeshare and you're getting rid of your "OLD" timeshare at NO loss. Your excitement is rising to a new high about now.

What do you think? Let's do it! Sign here, initial here, etc. The deal is so good that you're just following directions given by your sales director. You can "see" vacations in your future all year long.

He told you to just call HIS cellphone and he would handle everything for you whenever you're ready to set up your vacations. He knows all the insider tricks, so you have nothing to worry about.

You'll only pay $300, a maintenance fee, for 7 days at the property. You can book as often as you want to during the year, RCI trading, too.

Ask... "when will I receive my "other" $5,500 for my present timeshare? In 90 days or at most 120 days, "it's in the contract", which is a bold faced lie because there is NO contract guaranteeing the sale of your "old" timeshare for any price.

Unfortunately, it's clearly spelled out in the papers you sign... NO guarantees.

The guaranteed part is in the LEGAL papers you sign which ONLY covers, spells out in detail, what YOU are going to do or what will happen if you don't live up to the new contract as owner of their timeshare.

Remember, you have 3 to 5 days to change your mind because the local or state authorities are "on your side" and trying to protect you from making a wrong decision. Procrastination is NOT an option.

Rather than "seeing" travel, vacations and leisure in your future, stop and visualize writing a check every month for $188; $350; $600 or whatever it is and write it down. Annual maintenance, vacation club, etc. $680 more.

My own experiences tell me you'll be better off buying yourself a NEW boat, a NEW car or remodeling the house Vs putting your money into a timeshare.

Don't do it!! Check the BBB [Better business Bureau] and the RIPoffReport if you need more information BEFORE making your final decision.