A Voyage To Adrift In Africa

"Adrift In Africa" is all about Africa, its wonderful locations, diversity of indigenous people and their cultures. By reading this book you will not only find entertainment but also catch their complex life pattern. The author presents the springs of human action to convey his own perception to his readers.

The author's art and technique, his unique methods of storytelling along with the characters are all devoted to the achievement of his aim. As a successful artist his sincerity and integrity are amazing. The language, the setting, the narration and the characters of this book all together form an organic whole and contribute to the total effect. The descriptions of the whole journey to Africa are presented in such a compact and pleasurable manner that you will find yourself in Africa while reading. Nothing is superfluous here and each word and every sentence is step forward towards the desired aim of the book.

Through this book you will certainly be familiar with the struggle that the people of Africa are undergoing for their survival. Though they have enough resources, seventy five percent of the continent people survive on less than two dollars a day. Those who have long cherished dream of visiting Africa but cannot materialize their dream for lack of sufficient information about the easiest ways and means of travelling in African, may have real pleasure and helpful instructions through reading Adrift In Africa. It will create a new perspective to see the world in a different eye. The book will help you to discover in your own way, the real core of the world.

Nature, the atmosphere of Africa, is the setting of Adrift In Africa and it is colored with human emotions and moods. The narrator and his beloved Sinead are the two celebrity characters of this book. The real purpose of the author is to present the beauty and the lives of Africa to the readers. But this purpose is masterfully served through the encounter of the two live and vigorous characters. This is one of the diverse reasons for which you will feel more interested in reading this unique travel book. It will never appear to be boring.

Adrift In Africa will take you millions of years back when most of the people were uncivilized and wild. There is a chance for you to cross the boundary to see the wild life which is uncovered to you. The tropical forest lands, the enormous rivers and their wilderness, the dense sky-touching trees and their unbroken silences as well as the vast expense of the ocean are presented through the vivid descriptions of the experiences of the characters. Though the origin of Adrift In Africa is in the personal experiences and the experiences are much highlighted and colored. The story of the book has a universal element in it as much as its basis of curiosity and lust for adventure. Merlin Dickson, the author of Adrift In Africa, evokes atmosphere with such success because he has an amazing command of language, very moving, forceful and poetical.