The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World!

1) Wineglass Bay, Australia

Is one of the most remote beaches of the world, and one of the most beautiful and magnificent landscapes on the planet. Due to the incredible switching of the colours: the sand is white, blue-green for water and green for the small forest that surrounds the beach! Is perfect beach for those who prefer to be in a private place, without a lot of people, noise and of course with crystal clear waters. The Wineglass Bay is located close to Hobart, an island on the southern edge of Australia, accounting for the residents of Melbourne and not only a getaway in adventure.

2) Shipwreck, Greece

The shipwreck is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. In many books and magazines is described as the best attraction of the island and the most famous and    favourites beaches in Greece and perhaps the entire Mediterranean. Takes its name from the sinking of a ship that happened near the coast in 1982, while the carcass of the ship is still in the sand till today! The place is very inaccesible and the only access to the beach is from the sea with boat or with helicopter! This beach is unique, impressive and offers guests a magical landscape, surrounded among the towering white cliffs of limestone, with deep, crystal clear waters. Is one of the places you must visit when you come to Zakynthos. The beautiful turquoise colour of the sea will amaze you!

3) Palm Bay, Australia

The beach Palm Bay is "nestled" among the swaying palms in the region and the aquamarine waters of Long Island. Is a small picturesque bay offers safe anchorage for guests who want to explore the entire region, while a key feature of the coast are white sand on many points ... enters the blue of the sea, creating a magical landscape. Also there are many small secluded beaches for every tastes that  are created along the bay, while hiking trails through the dense forest which  giving visitors the opportunity to admire the rich flora and fauna of Australia. In this place, the sea combined with the mountain, creating a magical landscape.

4) Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay is an isolated but very impressive beach with very clear water, well hidden among rocks. Is a favourite destination for adventure lovers and especially for those interested in underwater exploration. Is one of the many tourist "attractions" of the region, with silky white sand, underwater colourful coral and exotic fish. Hot destination for adventure lovers and those who love underwater exploration, Maya Bay can fulfill every fantasy.

5) Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

This amazing area is located in Quang Ninh Province of Vietnam and It belongs to the List of World Heritage of UNESCO. In this bay there are over of 3000 rocky islands with various sizes and shapes and is well known for its geological and geomorphological changes of!. The Ha Long Bay beach is a wonderful place, is a hidden diamond as the thick vegetation reaches the sea and the "golden" sand extends several kilometers. Many of the islands are "hollow", forming huge caves, giving visitors the opportunity to admire a unique landscape.