Air Travel With Baby Tips

Formula restrictions, strollers and confusion about child safety seats make traveling with a baby difficult. For multiples air travel is even more stressful. Not only do you have to take more stuff, it's more likely for one of the babies to be unhappy during flight. Preparing yourself beforehand helps ensure that everyone has a safe, happy and relatively easy flight.
Booking Your Flight

Airlines don't require parents to purchase tickets for children under age 2. Some airlines allow parents to use unsold seats for babies, but it's not guaranteed unless you purchase a separate ticket. Window seats are quieter and darker, making it easier for a baby to sleep. If the airline has assigned seats, book a window seat for each baby and the seat next to it for the traveling adult. If you travel with multiple babies alone, purchase seats for the children so your hands are free to tend to their needs.
Child Restraints

It's safer -- and more comfortable -- for your baby to sit in a car seat during flight. The seat must be approved for both cars and aircrafts; this is typically noted on the tag attached to the car seat. Place your child's seat in a window seat so you don't have to move around it in case there's an emergency.
Baby Food

Breast milk, formula, baby food and juice aren't restricted by the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) 3-oz. liquid rule. Keep your items for babies separate from other liquid items you take on the plane, and inform security officers that you have them. Liquids in larger amounts are often tested by security personnel for explosives.
Since multiple babies require more food, pack separate carry-on bags -- one for each adult to carry -- in case you don't end up sitting in the same row.
Comfort Items

Babies are more likely to cry if they don't feel secure, so it's important to bring items to ensure babies stay comfortable during the flight. Have a pacifier on hand to calm your babies if they cry; sucking also helps if either baby's ears are affected by the change in altitude. Also, take an infant anti-inflammatory or acetaminophen in case one of the babies needs it.
If one of the babies is inconsolable, walk up and down the isle using a baby sling.
Gate Check

With multiples it's necessary to have a stroller when you navigate the airport. Don't check the stroller with your bags -- instead use the gate check. At the gate, before you board the plane, ask the attendant for a baggage ticket, and place it on the stroller. You simply leave the stroller, with the ticket attached, at the gate for the attendants to take out to the plane. When you arrive at your destination, gate-checked items are picked up at the gate.
If you didn't purchase tickets for the babies, take their car seats to the gate with you anyway. If there aren't any unsold seats available to use, simply gate check the car seats before you board.