A voyage to Montreal - Quebec, Canada, North America

First time I went to Montreal, I was a little bit confused by the signs. It was written in French. French is their official language. Yes, you may speak English but normally, the government reinforce French language as Montreal is a part of Quebec. If you want to travel Montreal, get your French-English dictionary handy;  you never know what to do and where to go if you don’t have anybody with you who knows Montreal by heart. When I went there, I traveled with friends. We found it very easy and convenient as we traveled with a friend of ours who can speak French. If you can't find anybody with you and you’re really dying to travel Montreal, just use your common sense. I’m sure it will direct and guide you on what to do.
On the other hand,the buildings and infrastructure took my heart away (Okay, I exaggerated a bit). The first time I set my eyes upon, I was enthralled by the styles, it looks ancient but apparently unique.

I took the photo when I was at the corner of the building, few kilometers away. This building represents the Catholic Church. Montreal has somewhat the variety of Catholic churches, so called- Catholic City. Catholicisms is much respected. Most of the Catholic buildings are found in the city of Montreal, it’s big with a crown of its majestic splendor. You can see the Cross everywhere you turn, it beholds that the people in the city respects Catholicism. I zoomed the lens of my camera and just captured the top part of the building, it represents as the crown of  Catholic’s magnificence.

Buildings and infrastructure in Montreal are obviously big. You’re eyes and neck will get sore if you keep on staring from the bottom to top and from the top to bottom. Honestly, I was a bit confused where I begin to focus and click my camera. I was a bit engrossed by its exceptionality than to charmed the memory card of my camera.
Walking along the sidewalk, you will be enchanted of how high the buildings are. Streets are not that wide but enough for the cars. You may expect traffic in between as there are many people who travel along.

The picture above might not hypnotized you, but trust me; St. Joseph Church in Montreal is  big, I mean huge or rather gigantic temple I’ve been to. I was captivated by how enormous it was when I first laid my eyes upon.

View from the top of St. Joseph Church, overlooking the city itself. You can view the city of Montreal just by staying at the top.

The Olympic Stadium, which looks like an upside down of a woman’s high heel.
Night in Montreal is alive. If you are one of those people who love partying around at night, this place is for you. Night life in Montreal rocks.
If you want to travel Montreal, go for it. The city is magnificent.
Finally,  look at the Beautiful photo of Montreal park.