Hotel Le Toiny,Caribbean

Privacy and exclusivity have always been the defining characteristics of l’Hotel Le Toiny. Located in the island area in Cote Sauvage, the 15 pastel-colored Villa Suites, are set on a gentle slope providing vistas to the bay of Toiny and the Caribbean Sea.

Every single villa is environed by tropical pants, has a privy entrance and a red mailbox flag functioning as a “Do Not Disturb” sign.If you are looking for a unique and private place here you can find completely secluded suitesand offering a perfect harmony of privacy and luxury.Designed in a modern style,the room are opened to the outdoor patio and provide views to the Caribbean Sea and the bay of Toiny.

Snorkeling or underwater adventures
This is an inescapable activity in Saint Barthelemy. You can discover and observe the sea bed by swimming on the surface of the water. All the equipment (mask, finn and snorkel) is provided within your Villa Suite. At any beach of your choice, you can see the coral reefs as well as numerous tropical fish and tortoises just a few inches under the turquoise water.